Common Use Cases

With great power comes… confusion.

Like Lego - our ever-growing library of Events can be combined to create many different scenarios and models.
A common initial challenge though is understanding best practices and how to order our Events to get the most out of whatifi.
In this section we will highlight some common use cases and show you how the data flows from Event to Event, explain the calculations happening behind the scenes, and set you up for success.

Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales is a common Customer acquisition strategy when selling higher priced products or targeting larger, enterprise-like organizations. This typically includes Salespeople that are directly reaching out to potential clients via cold email, LinkedIn campaigns, in-person sales, etc
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  • To model Outbound Sales, we use two unique Events - the Outbound Sales Event and the Salesperson Event.
  • For this calculation to work, you will need to first establish your Customer cohort(s) using the Customer Event.
  • Next, source an Employee Event. Here you can use real employees (Bill or Sue) or create Placeholder Employees. An example of a Placeholder Employee might be three Senior Sales Reps that you plan to hire in six months.
  • The Outbound Sales Event defines the “profile” of a typical sales cycle for each Customer Cohort. Maybe the average salesperson can close 2 deals per month but the lead time on each deal is 6 months.
  • Lastly, use the Salesperson Event to assign actual, or Placeholder Employees to each type of Outbound Sales. You are able to tweak what percentage of their time they spend selling to each cohort
Click here to read a more in-depth breakdown of the Outbound Sales module.


Organic/Paid Traffic and CPC Campaigns

Potentials customers can discover a client’s webpage either organically (via SEO, blog posts, word-of-mouth) or through paid CPC (Cost-per-Click) campaigns. Common CPC platforms include Facebook, Google Adwords or Tiktok. In this model, customers visit a webpage and a certain percentage of them “convert”. This conversion can include subscribing monthly for a piece of software, purchasing a physical product or signing up to a mailing list.
Outbound Sales