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Basic Event
Multi Record
Perform basic accounting-style debit, credit and contra-account calculations.
The Debit/Credit Event is a foundational Event that can be used to model most generic transactions.
The Debit/Credit Event is the easiest way to model a transaction and control which Accounts are impacted by that calculation. Calculations can be one-time, recurring, or amortized over a fixed period of time.

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Can be used for ...
Use this Event for any basic contra-account style transaction where advanced calculations are not required.
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Example Files

Event States


  • Used to create a debit transaction


  • Used to create a credit transaction

Ongoing Transaction

  • Used for one-time and repeat calculations

Amortized Transaction

  • Used for a single transaction where the transaction will be evenly spread over a period of time.

Edit Details Pane

The Credit/Debit Details Panel
The Credit/Debit Details Panel
The Amortized Transaction Details Panel
The Amortized Transaction Details Panel

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