Instance Event

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Utility Event
Multi Record
An Instance Event is used to add multiple iterations or instances of an upstream Event, Record or Group to a Scenario
Use the Instance Event to iterate a single or group of Records multiple times along the timeline of a Scenario. It’s main goal is to make it easy to target a source Event or Group and repeat that calculation in an automated or manual pattern.

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The Instance Event is used for iterating an upstream Event, Record or Group or Instance Group multiple times in a Scenario.
For example, all of the revenue and expenses require for a project can be grouped together to represent one “iteration” of that project. Using the Instance Event, that iteration can then be repeated multiple times over the duration of the Scenario. Each iteration or “instance” of that project inherits the values and settings from upstream.
Common Connections
The Instance Event requires an upstream Event, Record or Group to be used at the source to be instanced. Many different types of Events can be used for this source. Common examples might be a Contract Event or a set of Expenses.
A Group can also be used as the source for the instance.
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