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Utility Event
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Modify any upstream value over a time-range. Commonly used to test growth, offsets, percentage changes or shifting dates on upstream Events. One of our most powerful and versatile Events.
The Modifier Event is one of our most powerful Events. It allows a User to modify almost any value on any Event, or types of Events, upstream of itself.
With a Modifier, you can change start dates, end dates, or any field or value. Values can be replaced, incremented or have a percent change - and using start and end dates, you can control when this modification occurs.
A specific Event can be targeted. Or any type of Event (like all Expense Events) can all be modified at once.

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Can be used for ...
This Event is best used when modelling a “what if” question. For example, if a company was considering a price increase in a year’s time, they would use the Modifier Event to modify a Unit Cost Event upstream. Using multiple Modifiers, they could also quickly test various prices, various start dates, all without having to manually edit or duplicate the upstream Unit Cost Event.
Common Connections
Modifiers only need to be downstream of the Event(s) that are being modified.
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Example Files

Event States

Specific Event

  • Target a specific upstream Event to be modified

Any Event with a Property

  • Target any Events upstream that share a specific property

Percent Change

  • Change an upstream value by a set percentage (for example, +10%)

Value Replacement

  • Replace an upstream value entirely with a new value

Add to Value

  • Increase or decrease an upstream value by a set amount (for example, add $500 or reduce by 20)

Growth Over Time (BETA)

  • Grow or reduce an upstream value by a compounding percentage amount (for example, increase a value by 15%, month-over-month)


  • Offset all dates in an Event or Record by an amount (days or months).

Edit Details Pane

The Modifier Details Panel
The Modifier Details Panel

Important Settings

Custom Effect Period
  • if toggled on, pick a start date for the Modifier to take effect
  • if toggled off, the Modifier will apply to the full Scenario range
Revert Value on End Date
  • if toggled on, pick an end date for the Modifier. The modified value will revert back to its pre-modified value.
Choose Mode
  • pick from Specific Event or Any Event with Property
Modifier Type
  • pick from Percent Change, Value Replacement, Add to Value or Growth Percentage

Event Fields

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